August 2011

Will it ever stop raining? I miss the shiny sphere in the sky… I am up to my neck in soup and pasties for the Young Trad Musicians, but loving it. I’m producing their new album due out in October on their tour of Scotland. Go see them! Details will be up on the TMSA website soon. And before that I have a heap of harpy gigs, I’m pleased to say. ‘The Song of the Oak and the Ivy’, the commission by the Edinburgh International Harp Festival is being performed in a few places, plus the heady harpy weekend that is the Harp Village is nearly apon us. And come visit on the 26th August in the Acoustic Music Centre (Venue 123) at 8.30pm! Please refresh yourself with my dates page and I hope we meet soon. All the best, from a drookit Corrina

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