August 2013

I’m starting a Harmony Singing weekend in February and March 2014 in the beautiful surroundings of Newbattle Abbey College. The link to my new website Harmony Song with details of the weekends, and info on the Community Singing groups is HERE

And I am preparing for the Sardinia trip next week. Another gig with David Milligan! Hurray for harp and piano concerts.

And I am putting together a Singing Pack for New Rhythms in Glasgow, with prepared lessons for teaching harmony songs to groups. It’s taking up a lot of my time these days! Singing is good for the soul though, so I am happy.

I also decided a couple of weeks to learn Wellness. I have removed caffeine, wheat, yeast, dairy and sugar and vinegar from my diet. And although it was a stormy few days as I mourned the loss of my daily cafetiere (or two!) I am a much healthy and happier being. And wish I had done this years ago! Oh, wait, I did. I just fell back into stressed ways, thinking I had no time for wellness! I realise now, that is what life is about. Stress can go take a running jump! Be well.


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