December 2007

The Scots Trad Music Awards started the month off well. The Unusual Suspects opened the proceedings with a set starting with Pressed for Time written by Gordon Duncan.  What a great tune that is.  We had Iain Copeland on drums this time round.  Sorry Alyn Cosker wasn’t able to make it, and he can’t do Celtic Connections either.  But Iain is a great substitute, very different, but great.  All the dignitaries and high heid yins were there.  And everyone has there own agendas.  And many a judement is made. It’s a strange thing, but a very wonderful thing to be able to celebrate our culture and our music. We’re all here for the right reasons. We’re all trying our best. To survive, and thrive, and make some good come out of our being here. And give back what we have been given. Playing an instrument is a gift. Being able to sing is a gift. Being able to share it is a gift too. The Trad Awards are magnificent for bringing all the facets of the traditional scene together. Less judgements, more celebrating I say!

Flu – that’s what happens when a heap of musicians get together – all that snogging each others faces off in humble recognition that you are all still well, alive and coping.  So we all got flu. Wasn’t it a hideous one this time round? Blaargh. *cough splutter

Did a lovely gig on my birthday for a couple getting married near Peebles in a beautiful place called ‘Cringletie House’. Aw what a lovely place. The couple asked that I play a song they were fond of. And thus I was introduced to Lou Rhodes! Beloved One was the main one, although I ended up learning Save Me as well. What a low and mellow voice. I really enjoyed learning it. It was a beautiful wedding. I know Jodieanne and Marcus will have lots of happiness in their lives together.

Christmas – good times – singing with mum and jade.  Loads of carols, then onto “Our favourite songs” Needless to say we were quaffing back the champagne which made it all the more fun.  Although I couldn’t make it to the end.  Had to stagger to bed around 4am hearing Jade and mums voices fading as I tiptoed up the stairs.  It was fantastic to hang out with the two of them without work being at the root of it.

And I am now the proud owner of a ukulele. And what utter joy it has brought me. I love it. Aaaahhhhh. I really do. I need a case for it. That’s my excuse for not taking it out…

David’s granny turned 100!  How amazing is that?  Brought up in Dundee, and then went on to live in Burnt island, Fife, and the Borders.  She gave up after she hit the big century, and sadly died on New Year’s Eve.  Very long life, a beautiful daughter (David’s mum) and a wonderful husband who was the station master.  Never watched television, hardly listened to music, rarely listened to the radio.  A very closed life, yet long and happy.  It was sad to see her go.

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