February 2008

18th Feb

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking on how short life is, and how fast it goes. Dear old Mr Pye died on Friday. He was a very special cat and had a big presence in our family. And now he’s gone and the hole he leaves is large and at the moment gaping wide. But it will get smaller, and we all get used to him not being around. He had a long lovely safe and satisfying life, and a peaceful death in the arms of Jade. Can’t ask for more than that.

You know Annie Grace was hit by a car on Friday, She was waiting to cross the road, standing beside parked cars, and someone reversed into her. The driver didn’t see her, and only stopped when they heard the shouts from onlookers. Thank god for onlookers! All those people watching the world go by in snapshot moments. Would have been quite a story round a few kitchen tables that night! I think that feeling of fear, as a driver, that you could have just killed someone must be all-consuming. Well, Annie’s hurt, but recovering well. Maybe you could send her a wee massage? Haha I meant a message. But hey – if you can send a massage through the postal service, or by email, then yes please send it. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful brilliant present to receive? Wow. I am sure she will blog about it at some point, but at the moment needs rest to recover. She was a lucky girl to sustain only the injuries she has. Jings – what would we do without Annie eh??

17th Feb

It is Martyn Bennett’s birthday today. Go and look at the Martyn Bennett site here. He was such a lovely man and the work that the Martyn Bennett Trust are involved with is worth supporting. There is a fund raising concert on 1st March at George Watsons on Colinton Road Edinburgh. There will be a concert showcasing some of Scotland’s best young traditional musicians, followed by a ceilidh (with the ‘Off Centre Ceilidh Band’). It will last from 7:30pm to 11:30pm, doors open 7:00pm.
To book a ticket please send an email to kirstylaw@hotmail.co.uk or call 01875-835-229 They are also available from CODA MUSIC, Bank Street on the Mound, Edinburgh. Admittance is FREE with donations to the Martyn Bennett Trust gratefully recieved on the night. Children are welcome! Please go along if you can – this is an important event.

2nd Feb

I run Harmony Singing workshops. They are much fun. This year for the CC Festival I had 103 singing in a ‘Come and Try’ Harmony Singing, and a much more modest 40 singers in the ‘Already Harmony’. And from that, now comes EXTREME HARMONY!!! Taking to the edge, and jumping off with it! Harmonising up to the max. My workshops will never be the same again…

I am blethering too much so I will go.

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