January 2011

1st January

What a year ahead. My wee bubba has started to talk, a few select words. She calls me Bob. Or Dad. And dad is also Dad. And everything else is Wahdu. Good times.

I’m off to Glasgow tomorrow to teach some singing workshops. Come along if you fancy a blast through some great songs. 11am and 1.30pm.

And a few updates added to the diary.

Happy New Year!

30th January

I’ve had such a good year so far. Having celebrated the Feis Rois’ 25th Anniversary with 24 other amazing musicians who it was an absolute honour to work with. John Somerville, Mike Bryan, Mairearad Green, Rachel Walker and Olivia Ross are the first of many names that were there giving their all to the show. 25 years since the first Feis Rois??! I was at the first, learning fiddle and drums. Go visit the website here – I’m teaching at their adult Feis in the May bank holiday weekend.

And a week of collaboration followed with the Shifting Sands group, working towards three gigs during Celtic Connections. it was led by the talented Andy Mellon on trumpet and piano – he’s very good at keeping us all focused, and stops us wandering off for coffee/cake/beer/tunes. Pete Flood on drums and Sam Carter singing and guitaring. And invited guests from Scotland Inge Thomson and Matheu Watson who were both exceptional in their input. And then the immense Arabian musicians on qanon, oud, percussion, flute and vocals (we all learned some Bahrainaian songs!!. I love the scales, the quarter-tones (and I never thought I’d say that!) and the energy in the music. We all come from the same place, however far away we are. We have the same loves, needs, desires, fears. So we explored our connections, the sea being the recurring feature. The set is lovely.

And the Unusual Suspects was a total blast! We videoed the gig, in the hope one day to have a DVD to rival the posh boys Bellowhead. Is that fighting talk? Might be.

Do you know, I’d write more, but this tiny coloumn is doing my head in, so I’m going to stop. I need a new website.

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