January 2012

Preparing for tomorrow’s gig of the Song of the Oak and the Ivy at Celtic Connections Strathclyde Suite 8pm (info HERE) Our last gig with this grouping until Lorient 2012.

AND … wait for it… I’m on an app!!! A new app has come out for Burns Night which you would be crazy to miss. It’s full of tales and songs, stories written by the bard himself, recipes, descriptions of Burns suppers and what it all means, why we eat haggis, the great chieftain o the puddin’ race, and the reason I’m on it is because it has the trio of myself, Annie Grace and Karine Polwart on it singing our hearts out. You’ll find it on the iTunes app store HERE

14th Jan
Having a wonderful year sofar.Birthday on the winter solstice was immense, Christmas with a two year old who is now really into the surprise of giving and receiving, and who sings Christmas carols (with Mickey Mouse cd – thanks Lesley!) at the top of her voice made the whole event go beautifully. Hogmanay was a quiet one as I seem to have hurt my back again (recurring problem I haven’t quite put my finger on as yet.)

New dates marked in (Celtic Connections is just around the corner). And as long as I can move, then I will be there! Tigran and the Oak & Ivy piece will be a worthy night out I am convinced. And why not come and have a sing in Glasgow with me on 5th Feb? Of course you can sing in harmony with 100 other people!! just call me Gareth Malone. You’ll be safe with me..

And I have many tunes to send to folk who have been waiting patiently for many months to receive their personalised compositions. Apologies if you are one of those folk. Sometimes many tunes come, sometimes it’s a desert of repetition and a hint of christmas carol, which I am endeavouring to remove. I’ll get them to you before the month is out, I promise. Enjoy the bizarre spring-like January – I wish you well. 

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