July 2010

I’m playing with a dance group today called ‘Suspended Motion’, in the official opening of the new Scottish Arts group leading the way in Arts, Screen and Creative Industries in Scotland. ‘Creative Scotland’ has taken the space of the Scottish Arts Council. It’ll be a fine do, with Idlewild, Kaye Adams, Suspended Motion and me. Cannae ask for more than that. Unless it’s the UNUSUAL SUSPECTS! Yes, the Unusual Suspects are playing at Cambridge Folk Festival! And releasing our new album there. Spectacular. It’s called “BIG LIKE THIS” and will be distributed by Proper Records. Available also from the Unusual Suspects website very soon. For the Cambridge gig, we’ll have a few special guests with us too. A few of the ‘Muckle Loons’ will be passing by, so have accepted our invitation to be BIGGER than ever! More than a body can handle? let’s hope not. Updated dates page with some interesting things coming up ahead. All the best, hope the sun shines a bit more for us all so I can get out and weed the veggie garden. Cheers, corrina

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