• November 2008

    NOVEMBER 2008 21st November I have updated my dates page with a few extra gigs you may be interested in, including an Art Gallery solo concert in Haddington on 19th December (with a glass of wine inc!) and a concert with Archie Fisher and Karine P...

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  • October 2008


The new CD is available in the wonderful CODA MUSIC shop on the Mound in Edinburgh. It’s also available at the amazing online record store FOOT STOMPIN’ RECORDS. 

 I’ve updated the Dates page, the myspace page, and my journal,...

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  • September 2008

    Ah the sun does still shine in the sky!! I was beginning to wonder. 

The Girly Trio went to Hitchin this month, and loved it! Maureen and Keiron do such an excellent job – this is a Sunday Folk Club well worth visiting. Their website is HER...

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  • August 2008

    Swell month was this. I had lots of time off to wonder why I was feeling so ill. I had some lovely gigs with the trio (wi’ Karine and Annie) at the Acoustic Music Centre in St Bride’s, Edinburgh. We sold out again!! Woohoo having a ban...

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  • America Blog 2008

    What a trip! I met some wonderful people, and will throughout this blog, endeavour to remember everybody’s names and if I don’t then you’ll have to forgive me. My mind is racing on other things now, and it is hard to go back. Do ...

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  • July 2008

    Just back from the London experience, playing with the lovely Bella Hardy and Chris Sherburn at the Royal Albert Hall, Folk at the Proms day. What a great venue!! They should definitely have more folk music in there. It suits it. And am planning t...

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  • Harp I Do: New Solo CD

    ***NEW CD*** Corrina Hewat : Harp I Do The brand-new solo harp album is now available!!   Album details…

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  • June 2008

    7th June 2008 EXCLUSIVE ALBUM TRACKS ON ATLANTA RADIO! Listen to an interview broadcast on 9th June on the radio show Continental Drift Show WREK Altlanta 91.1 FM for the week June 9th – June 16th with the lovely Sahand Noorizadeh interviewi...

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  • March 2008

    28th March 2008 I am heading off to the Edinburgh International Harp Festival now, which is happening in Merchiston Castle School, in Colinton, Edinburgh. Please if you are in the area, come along and see some of the concerts, or visit a workshop!...

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  • February 2008

    18th Feb Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking on how short life is, and how fast it goes. Dear old Mr Pye died on Friday. He was a very special cat and had a big presence in our family. And now he’s gone and the hole he leaves is...

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