October 2008

The new CD is available in the wonderful CODA MUSIC shop on the Mound in Edinburgh. It’s also available at the amazing online record store FOOT STOMPIN’ RECORDS. 

I’ve updated the Dates page, the myspace page, and my journal, plus adding to this news section. Goodness me, I must have lots of music to learn… I either end up doing blogs or cleaning the house when I have lots else to do!

So, heading off to the Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton in a few days with a variety of gigs with the girly trio. Also doing an extravaganza of a gig with CARLOS NUNEZ!!! Which means a hell of a lot of learning music for me – jee wiz the small harp and the pedal harp are quite different beasts. So I am adapting some of the padal harp music for Scottish harp. And enjoying the challenge. And cursing him at the same time… looking forward to some studio time with Karine and Annie – we are going into Jamie Foulds studio in Cape Breton to put down the tracks we’ve been working on over the past year. I’ll keep you posted as to how we get on. All the best, I doubt I’ll be in touch til I get back from Cape Breton, so that’ll be the end of October. May your leaves hang on til the last minute, and the sun shine on you every day.

Corrina X

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