September 2008

Ah the sun does still shine in the sky!! I was beginning to wonder. 

The Girly Trio went to Hitchin this month, and loved it! Maureen and Keiron do such an excellent job – this is a Sunday Folk Club well worth visiting. Their website is HERE. I wandered Hitchin’s Car Boot sale as well, but it was not so successful… I could have come away with a fair amount of small ornaments though, if I was so inclined. But alas I am no ornament collector. 

Kathryn Tickell also had a wonderful ‘Northumbria’ concert on at the Sage Gateshead where she had invited some of her friends; Julian Sutton, Peter Tickell, Joss Clapp, James Mackintosh, Amy Thatcher and her dad Mike! Who is a fine singer, full of stories and wondrous tales from the Northumbrian area. Kathryn and I were able to revisit the piece ‘My Favourite Place’, which was a lovely thing. Even on such a large stage, it has a really special intimacy. Good times. Especially the rehearsing!

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